Saturday, February 02, 2013

Revelations in Context - a new Church site on History of the D&C

I want to make everyone aware of a great new site, brought to us by the Church's historians.  It gives context to the revelations and teachings in the Doctrine and Covenants, entitled "Revelations In Context". It
contains information that you will not see in many of the older LDS history books.  For instance, it mentions the divining rod that Oliver Cowdery used to receive revelations, making him a modern day Aaron (who had a budding rod, as well as Moses' staff as objects of God's power).  It will tie into the Joseph Smith Papers Project, which is opening up a lot of great stuff for members and non-members alike.  One thing we will all learn is that history is messy, and we often prefer ours nice and sanitized. Yet, in sanitizing history, we miss out on how God really works with imperfect people.  Joseph Smith was imperfect, yet God used him to accomplish many amazing things in just a few short years.  I hope you enjoy the Church's new site, and use it frequently!

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