Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ben Bernanke and the National Debt

Ben Bernanke and the National Debt

Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke is preparing to print up $600 Billion of new money out of thin air to buy up American bonds. A lot of people hate this idea, because they think it will cause inflation and take us deeper into debt. However, I think he may be onto something.

So, I am now promoting a new idea: ALL Americans should now begin printing up money to pay their taxes, and their portion of the national debt (about $47K for every man, woman, and child). To make it easier, I've done some research, and found the perfect product to use to pay off not only my portion, but also that of my kids and grandchildren:

Let's start a new movement here!

Deficits and Inflation? What, me worry?

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rameumptom said...

I've had a few negative comments sent to me regarding this post. First off, several of the posts sadly show the bigotry of some non-LDS people.

Second, I am not a Glenn Back fan, so the attempts to smear me by attaching his name to mine really doesn't do it for me.

I see Republicans and Democrats equally responsible for our economic malaise. The only difference is in what they wish to spend money on. Personally, I am an independent leaning towards libertarian. I'd just as soon send most taxes and regulations back to the states to manage. I'm for maximizing freedom. I'm against bailing out big banks and car companies (or any company), but for free markets. I think that if we get out of the way of the American people, and stop blowing their money on huge wasteful programs, they will grow the economy and take care of one another just fine.

A perfect system? Of course not. No such thing in mortality. But I believe it is the best system.

In the meantime, I hope people will lighten up a bit, and enjoy the humor. Or not, but just don't make it into a political thing, as it isn't.