Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Why Joel's Monastery?

Joel's Monastery was originally organized in the 1970s in Missoula Montana by Joel Haverfield. It was a group of returned LDS missionaries, whose goal was nothing in particular, but who enjoyed life as one found it.

We had some very deep conversations. Not really. But we did show pride those in the group who had reached the age of 25 without being married. Brigham Young considered such to be a menace to society, and so we have Joel's Monastery.

While the original group has all married, I desired to honor, in perpetuity, the name of the select few that belonged to such an erstwhile association.

Given it is a monastery, I expect all to give consideration to their words prior to posting. Be it scientific, political, philosophical, or just plain testimonial, let's have fun on this list.



Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are blogging, friend. I have already put you on my blogroll at The Iron Rod. I'm sure your contribution to the Bloggernacle will be a great addition.

rameumptom said...

we'll see just what direction this takes me. I find life goes in many directions, and I don't think I want to tie this blog down to political/religious/ philosophy/comedy/tragedy/vegetable or mineral just yet.